Sunday, March 13, 2016

Day 3 San Cristobal Island Galapagos

Good day.... boy it's hot here :-p  So today just outside the city I visited a cultural center that explained and presented some of the history of the Galapagos including the geology, nature, and people.  After the center, I walked about 2-3 miles amongst some native vegetation to a couple of outlooks up along some cliffs.  After a few moments taking in the cool breeze from the ocean and the spectacular scenery; I did some more snorkeling along a very rocky bay.  Hoping to see some sharks, I was left with just some parrot fish, sea urchins, sand dollars, and a lot of brightly colored fish. Near the rock bay, there was a very prominent statue honoring Darwin. On the way back to the center I witnessed some warblers, fly-catcher, and finishes; along with some more prickly-pear trees.

Ok, so I'm taking off to do some kayaking along a bay and perhaps some swimming.

Update, got back from kayaking in the ocean.... did see a sea turtle head pop up :-)

Cotton Flower - notice how the pollen takes on the form of a pineapple. Now the red petals that you see in the center will actually dominate the white and the full bloom of the flower will be red. 

Flycatcher Bird - but what was interesting about him was that he looked dead on the trail.... I mean his wing was misplaced and his beak was open; however, when I got closer... he took off. Guessing he was playing "opossum" as a defence mechanism. 

A tribute to Darwin along the trail today.

Below the statue to Darwin was the area I snorkeled for about an hour today

Red lava crab scattered all over the beaches here

Female Frigatebird - you can tell by the white band around the neck... males will have a reddish pouch under their necks.

Galapagos lizard - I've seen them all around looking light with black strips. I was told that the ones on Santa Cruz is darker with black bumps,

From one of the view points from my hike today.  The place where I snorkeled would have been down and to the left (not seen in this photo).  This coastline is along the northern side of the island

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  1. Love the pictures that you have posted so far! Seems like a really cool trip! :)